Sominy - eighteenth century wooden church, shepherd’s farmstead, Somińskie Lake



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Sominy summer resort is a charming village located on the northern shore of  Somińskie Lake. In the vicinity there are two other lakes :to the west of the village Skoszewskie Lake, to the east Dywan Lake. Sominy are a great place to stay for those who prefer the tranquility and beauty of Kashubian nature but also active tourism and water. Incredible holidays in the spirit of Kashubian, you can spend in the popular resort called “Uroczysko”. Besides the typical attractions (such as swimming, water equipment rental, fishing, smokehouse of  fishes, bake bread) is a gallery of folk sculpture, handicrafts, and  are also organized open air sculpture and painting. Village feasts are recommended for gourmets-they can taste there traditional  Kashubian cuisine. Amateurs of  active tourism and horse riding can relax at the resort Kaszubski Bór, where there is horse riding, numerous sports facilities, and water equipment rental. Sominy also famous for its monuments of wooden architecture. The village has a charming wooden church from the mid-eighteenth century, with a modest but interesting design: the main altar of 1680, the pulpit from the early eighteenth century, the big attraction is the historic shepherd’s farmstead with cottage house and the fold.


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